Mentoring Indoors Option: Bowling with Precautions

A Big & Little enjoy bowling together at Bowl For Kids' Sake 2020.

As the weather turns cold, we recognize some matches wish to resume meeting indoors. No one who is uncomfortable meeting in person should feel pressured to do so. But for those who are interested, Colonial Lanes is taking safety precautions to minimize – not eliminate – health risks. Colonial is our decades-long partner for Bowl For Kids’ Sake, and here are their coronavirus precautions. Let your Mentoring Specialist know if you have questions. Enjoy bowling… or if you prefer, e-bowling on Wii Sports!

As per IC and Johnson county mandate, masks are required for all (except under 2 years old).

  1. Groups are restricted to 6 or less, 10 if living in the same household.
  2. At least 1 lane distance between each group
    1. For our seniors and other higher risk groups, we increase the distance as business allows.
  3. We have pared down the house balls to 3 racks. 
    1. We ask that the bowlers leave the balls on the ball return for sanitizing.
    2. If the bowler wants to change balls, we ask them to bring the old ball to the desk so we can clean them for the next bowler.
  4. When a group checks out, we sanitize all the chairs, computer, monitor, phones, tables and cup holders before releasing the lane for the next group.
  5. Light weight balls are kept behind the desk and are available upon request. 
    1. We no longer allow bowlers to grab their own light ball.
  6. Mini-Golf putters are also kept behind the desk.
    1. We have a selection for players to choose from on the desk and sanitize each one as the golfers finish.
  7. Since the 18th hole keeps golf balls, the golf balls are sanitized and dried at the end of the night.
  8. We installed a dozen hand sanitizer pumps around the facility.
    1. Most are touchless, and the ones that are push activated will be swapped as they become available.

If the Bigs and Littles come bowling, please have them indicate that they are part of BBBS. We discount bowling for your organization.

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