Knowledge Resources

1. Learning Exchange
Our flagship resource for volunteer Bigs, Board Members, and staff. Learn about a wide variety of topics such as:
'The Role of Caring Adults in Healing Trauma-Exposed Youth',
'Navigating Cultural Differences',
'Coaching to Empower Others'
and many more.
If you do not yet have a Learning Exchange account, let your Mentoring Specialist know; we can help!


2. How Kids Develop (Ages and Stages of Youth Development)


3. The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring
Shares new research findings and ideas for excellent youth mentoring. Features short, digestible pieces such as:
'Five ways to make stronger connections with mentees, backed by research',
'How mentoring is suited to developing passions',
'Three things mentors can to do to help their mentees cope with stress',
and many more.


The National Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR) provides resources on impact, training, and advocacy. MENTOR links to publications and resources that drill deep on specific topics, such as mentoring LGBTQ youth, masculinity, and Mentoring Boys & Young Men of Color.


5. Iowa Mentoring Partnership
The mentors' section includes:
Benefits of Mentoring,
Tips for Being a Successful Mentor,
Signs of Success for Mentors,
Activity Suggestions & Conversation Starters,
& Disability Inclusion Tips.


6. Search Institute
Search Institute is a nonprofit organization that studies and works to strengthen youth success in schools, youth programs, families, and communities. Some of their content includes:
Families Section
Research-based Developmental Relationships Framework
& a Youth Development Section


7. TeamMates Mentoring Resource Library
Understanding Poverty, Growth Mindset, Immigration, Building Resilience, Suicide Prevention Training, Wellbeing, Kindness, Grief and Loss, Financial Literacy, College and Career Success, Youth Trends, and Purpose-Toolkit are just some of the many featured topics!


8. BBBS of Johnson County Content
*Life/Mentoring Skills:
How to Help Kids Cope with Stress
How to Connect Better with Youth
Mental Health: Resources & Tips
Eat Well, Stay Active, Have Fun: Harvard's Guide for Mentors
Use 'Firsts' to Leverage Mentoring Impact
Make Better Decisions in 2 Steps
How to Listen Better
How to Recognize & Address Cyberbullying


*Program Orientation:
Community-Based Mentor Orientation Packet
Noble Knights & Spartan Life Clubs: Orientation Packet
E-Mentoring Orientation Supplement
Helpful Hints for Parents & Guardians
Social Media Policy


Know of other resources that can help mentors build knowledge and effectiveness? Let us know; thanks!


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